Tubing Cover

When it comes to CPAP therapy, comfort is a must. If you aren’t comfortable when using your CPAP machine, you aren’t likely to keep using it as you should. The good news is that, here at CPAP Liquidators, we offer a variety of CPAP accessories that are designed to make your CPAP therapy not only effective but also comfortable. Although we offer a huge selection of high quality sleep apnea supplies, one must-have accessory for all CPAP users is a CPAP hose cover.

CPAP tube covers are a great addition to any CPAP experience. The Quilted CPAP Tubing Cover by PAPillow is made of soft, high-quality material, and it is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep it clean. In addition to making your sleep apnea treatment more comfortable, this CPAP hose cover also helps to control condensation. Too much condensation in your CPAP tubing can increase the risk of bacteria growth, which puts you at a higher risk for a respiratory tract infection. Luckily, this PAPillow CPAP tube cover is an affordable, effective way to control rain out and condensation easily. This cover comes with a full length zipper that makes it incredibly easy to install, and it is a must for all CPAP users!

Don’t let rain out, condensation or discomfort get you down! Find the sleep apnea supplies you need to make your CPAP therapy as comfortable and as easy as possible. Shop with us at CPAP Liquidators today, and please feel free to contact our experts if you have any questions or concerns. We even offer free customer support from our Licensed Respiratory Therapist!