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refurbished-travel.jpgCPAP Liquidators is passionate about the quality of refurbished CPAP machines we have on offer. Our selection is vast and our prices are as low as you will find, guaranteed! Whether you are in the market for a travel CPAP, an auto CPAP machine, CPAP accessories, CPAP masks, or other kinds of sleep apnea equipment, there is a safe bet we have the CPAP unit for sale you are looking for — at a price that makes you smile!

If you are in the market for refurbished travel CPAP machines, look no further than our selection of used CPAP machines for travel. Specifically, our Factory Refurbished Transcend© miniCPAP™ Auto CPAP with EZEX offers a lightweight, easy-to-travel-with CPAP machine. Featuring auto-adjusting technology that manages pressure to naturally compensate for mask leaks, position shifts, and apneas, this refurbished travel CPAP unit is a lower hour (under 2000 hours) device that features a 6-month, in-house warranty.

We offer a variety of options for folks looking for quiet, small, and lightweight CPAP units that are ideal for travel. What’s more, most every unit we offer includes our CL Refurbished Certification, which means you can rest assured knowing that your gently-used CPAP machine of choice has been properly cleaned and tested by a Licensed Respiratory Therapist. All in all, buying a pre-owned CPAP machine from CPAP Liquidators is a great blend of value and quality.

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We hope you are quickly able to find the used CPAP machine that’s right for you, but if you’d like some support in choosing the one that’s correct for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We offer LIve Operator Support 24/7, free shipping, and no sales tax, there’s a lot to like about what we offer at CPAP Liquidators. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like clarification, so reach out to us at your convenience!