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What Is a BiPAP Machine?

A BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machine offers dual pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation. The levels on these machines help patients move more air in and out of their lungs. If you have been prescribed CPAP therapy but you find that breathing normally against the CPAP’s pressure settings is too difficult, a BiPAP machine may be prescribed instead. At CPAP Liquidators, we have a wide selection of new BiPAP machines at affordable prices for you to choose from. Shop today and get the BiPAP machine that you need to breathe better night after night.

Why Choose CPAP

Why Choose CPAP Liquidators?

  • Guaranteed lowest prices on brand new BiPAP machines
  • Licensed Respiratory Therapist available to answer your questions
  • Dedicated customer support team available 24/7
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Sell back your used BiPAP machine
Lowers Heart Attack Risk

Breathe Better

Lowers Blood Preassure

Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Reduces Daytime Sleepiness

Avoid Asthma Flare-Ups

Lowers Blood Glucose

Help Reduce Symptoms of Heart Disease

The Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Have you been searching high and low for a great deal on a new BiPAP machine? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At CPAP Liquidators, we offer a variety of brand new BiPAP machines at the lowest prices. We also offer a selection of refurbished BiPAP machines if you choose not to purchase a new machine. No matter what kind of BiPAP machine you need, we have you covered. At CPAP Liquidators, you’ll find the high-quality BiPAP brands that you love. Keep reading to learn more about how BiPAP machines can help you breathe better and find the right machine for you in our extensive catalog.

3 Different Modes

Your new BiPAP machine may have up to three modes of operation. Spontaneous switches between inspiratory and expiratory as the machine senses the switch in breathing. Timed switches between inspiratory and expiratory at a programmed rate to ensure an optimal respiratory rate is maintained. And a Spontaneous/Timed combination switches as it senses the change in breathing with a time mode failsafe to ensure breathing at the required rate is maintained.

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Why Choose CPAP

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a condition in which breathing stops involuntarily for brief periods of time during sleep. It can be a potentially serious sleep disorder, but with the help of a BiPAP machine, you can sleep better with regular breathing throughout the night.

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Optional Humidifier Attachments

New BiPAP machines that you can find here at CPAP Liquidators can be attached with a humidifier for a more comfortable experience during respiratory therapy. Humidifiers increase the warmth of the air while also reducing dryness and soreness in the nasal passage. Shop our BiPAP supplies and accessories today.

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Choose a Comfortable Face Mask

Not all faces and face masks are alike, which is why it’s important to choose a mask for your BiPAP machine that feels comfortable. The wrong mask can cause extreme discomfort as you are trying to sleep. Find one that fits your face comfortably when you browse through our accessories at CPAP Liquidators today.

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Sell Your Used BiPAP Machine For Cash

Do you have an old BiPAP machine that you don’t need anymore? Or is it time to upgrade your machine for a new one? At CPAP Liquidators, you can sell your old machine back to us for a quick payment back in your pocket. Stop letting your unused BiPAP machine collect dust in your closet and get money back when you sell it to CPAP Liquidators now.


Your Questions Answered

At CPAP Liquidators, we have a licensed Respiratory Therapist available to answer any questions about your BiPAP machine that you may have at any time. Your new machine could be the one thing that saves your life, so it’s important to know everything there is to know about how it works. Call us today to get the answers you’re looking for.

Why Choose CPAP

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When you get your new BiPAP machine from CPAP Liquidators, you can enjoy FREE shipping on every order. That includes masks, hoses, humidifiers, machines, and more!

Treat a Number of Conditions

A BiPAP machine may be used to treat the following conditions that make it difficult to breathe:

  • • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)
  • • Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS)
  • • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • • Central Sleep Apnea
  • • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
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Get the BiPAP Machine You Need at an Affordable Price From CPAP Liquidators Today

Your search for a new BiPAP machine ends here. If you’ve been prescribed respiratory therapy in the form of a BiPAP machine, we have a variety of affordable machines for you to choose from. If you have questions about how it works, be sure to contact our licensed Respiratory Therapists for a full understanding of your new machine. Shop CPAP Liquidators today and find the relief you need from serious and potentially life-threatening respiratory conditions.

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