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There are many CPAP accessories that need to be changed periodically, and CPAP tubing is no exception. As a general rule, your CPAP tubing should be changed on an annual basis, but you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific products you purchase and, it’s important to change the tubing when it starts looking a little worse for the wear. At CPAP Liquidators, we have all the CPAP accessories you need, including replacement hoses and tubing, as well as CPAP cleaning supplies to keep your tubing clean and free of bacteria.

CPAP tubing provides a passageway for the air to travel from your CPAP machine to you, which makes it an essential part of your sleep apnea treatment. Unfortunately, small tears can start to form in CPAP tubing over time, and this can result in a loss of pressure that renders your CPAP machine ineffective. While it’s important to change your tubing on a regular basis, it is also important to know when to replace it in the meantime. If there are small tears in the tubing or you notice that it is turning an opaque color, then it’s time for you to replace your CPAP tubing.

At CPAP Liquidators, we offer a wide range of CPAP tubing for you to choose from. Not only do we offer a variety of traditional options, we also offer heated CPAP hoses, such as the Factory Sealed ResMed ClimateLine Tubing. This incredible tubing monitors the temperature of the humidity internally and externally, improving your comfort while using your CPAP machine.