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Finding the right CPAP full-face mask can mean the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep or a complete nightmare. But, CPAP Liquidators has you covered with a wide selection to choose from at the most affordable prices. Find out why a full-face mask may be the answer to your CPAP needs.

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Elderly man able to go hiking after using a CPAP every night.
Senior couple who use CPAP and BiPAP machines at night.

Perfect CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

If you typically sleep with your mouth open at night, a full-face mask could be the solution. While nasal pillows or a nasal mask are smaller, they don’t allow the coverage you get with a full-face mask. This increased coverage will allow you to breathe naturally while still getting the right amount of air to keep you asleep at night.

Choosing the Most Comfortable Headgear

One disadvantage to a CPAP full-face mask is the headgear. There are many different types, and in the end, it comes down to preference. Sometimes with headgear that covers a larger area of the head, there is less chance of the mask slipping or moving while you sleep. Something like the ResMed Mirage Quattro might work best for you. But, you might find the fuller headgear confining, in which case something like the SleepWeaver Anew Cloth Face Mask may be a better fit.

Senior man looking at CPAP machine options online.
Senior man getting help with CPAP machine from a friendly nurse.

Better Performance With High-Pressure Settings

A full-face mask tends to work better when your doctor prescribes a high-pressure setting. The reason for this is that there is more surface area exposed that allows the high-pressure air to circulate, meaning that there are no giant bursts of air directly into your nostrils like you find with nasal pillows. The full-face mask allows the air to disperse a little before breathing it in makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep, with fewer sudden awakenings from the change in pressure.

Free CPAP Help From Licensed Respiratory Therapist

CPAP Liquidators has a licensed respiratory therapist on call to help with all your face mask questions. Whether you are brand new to CPAP technology, or a seasoned veteran looking for a more comfortable fit, our therapist is there to guide you through your selections. The best part is this help is completely free. You just have to call to get started today.

Elderly man able to go hiking after using a CPAP every night.
Senior couple ordering a CPAP machine online.

CPAP Liquidators Offers the Best Selection and Prices

Finding the perfect CPAP full-face mask doesn’t have to cause stress. CPAP Liquidators offers a great selection from all your favorite brand names. With so many options, you are certain to find the perfect CPAP mask for you. We serve all 50 states within the United States. Look over the selection and choose the mask best suited for you.