Luna G3 APAP

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React Health’s Luna G3 Auto-CPAP machine takes a patient-forward approach to sleep therapy with an easy and convenient interface, integrated heated tubing, a sophisticated internal heated humidifier, and a host of custom features including automatic pressure ramp, expiratory pressure relief, and an auto-adjusting algorithm to ensure the most comfortable sleep therapy experience possible.


Included in your package:

The Luna G3 CPAP/APAP includes:

CPAP or APAP Device

2 Reusable filters

Water Chamber

AC/DC power cord

Standard Heated Tubing

SD Card

Carry Bag


Device Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.4" x 5.7" x 4.5"
Weight 3.75 lbs.
Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H20 (in 0.5 cm increments)
Ramp Time 0 to 60 minutes
Sound pressure level dBA < 28 dB, when the device is working at the pressure
Water Capacity 350 ml (to max fill line)
Power Consumption 100 - 240 V ~ , 50 / 60 Hz, 2 A Max
Work Mode CPAP (LG3500) CPAP
Work Mode APAP (LG3600) CPAP/Auto CPAP
Standard Heated Tubing Yes