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Sunset Handheld Nebulizer Compressor



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Comes with compressor, medication cup, AC power adapter, air hose, elbow, mouthpiece, and mask.


Convenient design – compact and lightweight, ideal for traveling.


  • Built-in filtration
  • Portable (small and weighs only 1/2 pound)
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries or AC power adapter
  • Quiet (60dBA)
  • Fine particle size (approximately 3 microns)


Cleaning of Nebulizer Parts/Accessories:

1. After you have disconnected the air hose, remove the mouthpiece / mask (optional), L-PIPE, cap,
spray nozzle and medicine container.
2. Discard any remaining medication.
3. Wash mouthpiece / mask (optional), L-PIPE, cap, spray nozzle and medicine container with
running water or soak in warm water for 15 minutes.
4. Gently wipe off excess water with a clean dry cloth and allow to air dry on a clean paper towel.

Cleaning of Compressor:
1. Use cotton swabs with alcohol to wipe the outer casing of the compressor.
2. Let it air dry on a clean paper towel.

Replacing the Battery:
1. The indicator turning red means the battery capacity is low. Please change batteries immediately.
2. Turn off the meter, and then hold the unit upside down with the battery compartment on top.
3. Open the battery compartment by turning the top in counterclockwise direction. Put the lid aside
for later use.
4. Replace the batteries with new ones and place them accordingly.
5. Place the lid back by screw it down in clockwise direction.


  • Nebulization rate: 0.25 ml/min or more
  • Medication capacity: 6 ml (maximum) / 2 ml (minimum)

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