CPAP Tube Management System

Whether you are new to using a CPAP machine, or you’ve used one for years, you are probably very aware of how many hoses and tubes are involved. Your CPAP tubing is important for delivering oxygen to you from your machine, but what happens to all of that tubing when you just can’t seem to lie still? If you toss and turn at night, you know how much of a mess it can be to try to keep your CPAP tubing organized and out of your way. You’ll be glad to know that the days of messy, tangled CPAP hoses and tubing are over because CPAP Liquidators has the perfect CPAP accessories for you!

When you need a reliable CPAP tube management solution, there’s no better place to shop than CPAP Liquidators. We are happy to be your premier source for all things CPAP and BiPAP, and we are proud to offer the Hose Buddy Tube Management System. This system is perfect for sleepers who tend to move around a lot because it holds your hose into place right over your head with a handy swivel. This swivel not only holds your CPAP hose into place, it also allows for full 360 degree movement. Whether you need to move side to side or back and forth, the Hose Buddy will keep your CPAP tubing organized and accessible.

CPAP tubing is a must, but it tends to get in the way when you are trying to sleep, especially if you move around a lot. Luckily, there’s a better way to keep your tubes and hoses in order and accessible. Shop with us at CPAP Liquidators to find the right tube management solution for you!